This drill can cover loads of coaching points & be adapted to different themes. The GK starts with the ball by distributing the ball into the centre forward to set for the central midfielder. The ball is then transferred to a wide player to cross for the 2 centre forwards who should display good movement to finish. Can also be classed as a playing through the thirds drill.

Coaching Points:

Accurate Distribution from GK: To start the drill, the GK must play into the centre forward with good accuracy ideally into feet so the set can be easier and quicker. The GK should aim for the feet and enough weight to allow a one touch set. Distribution can be either a volley or overarm throw with good communication telling the centre forward the next action.

Weight & Direction of Pass: Once the GK has distributed the ball accurately, the set from the centre forward needs to be one that the central midfielder can step onto and pass first time. A side foot cushion would be ideal, opening the foot up and then spinning into the final third to finish. The pass from the central midfielder needs to be in front of the crosser so they can keep in stride and keep the speed of play.

Angled Movement of Forwards: The 2 Centre Forwards need to work effectively as a pair to create space in the box for a finish. One centre forward should look to get across the front post and the other filling the middle and back post area. Once set the centre forward needs to spin and time run so they are running onto the ball making it harder to mark and give them momentum for the finish.

Finishing on Target: The final piece of the move requires composure & quality. Having performed good movement working as a pair the centre forward finishing ideally will get contact on the ball watching the ball onto the surface selected.


  • Instead of the GK distributing into the centre forward, the GK now looks to distribute into the middle zone (central midfielder) who then combines with centre forward to play out wide & cross.
  • Add in 1 Defender in each end zone against 2 Centre Forwards
  • Make one central midfielder from the other team active out of possession to intercept and counter attack.

How to make it easier:

  • No limit to amount of touches.
  • GK to distribute the ball into wide players, if players struggle to produce combinations.