Players work in groups of 3 or 4, two act as servers whilst the others work. Players complete various dynamic movements between mannequins and perform different technical tasks with a ball on either side of the square. All the instructions are stipulated by the coach prior to beginning each phase of work. Players then rotate accordingly.

As a progression, the work: rest intervals; technical tasks and dynamic movements can all be advanced to make the exercise more challenging. Remember to consider what physical component is being trained when deciding work and rest periods. Typically work periods would be 30s on to 30s off, rotating with partners.

This exercise can be used as part of a warm up as it incorporates lots of movement variation and will gradually increase core temperature. It can be implemented as part of technical based sessions to work on skill development or adapted to be incorporated into themed training days such as reactive speed work, where commands from the coach may be given during the drill to challenge decision making.